74 Principles for Stronger Living

“Know Thyself”

This ancient aphorism is written on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

“To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom”, said the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit we are not taught about ourselves in our conventional schooling and mainstream culture. Those in the halls of high government and corporate power profit and gain control based off of our ignorance about ourselves. Ignorance about how to feed our body, how to move our body, and how to keep our body and mind healthy.

Some say knowledge is power, but I say knowledge is potential energy. Applying that knowledge is power. It is freedom. Time to power up and free your mind and body.

1 – Eat organic foods – avoid pesticides/herbicides/fungicides

2 – Eat food as fresh as possible – avoid canned foods

3 – Identify your Metabolic Type and adjust your diet accordingly

4 – Focus on micronutrient intake (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) as much as macronutrient (protein, fat, carbs, calories)

5 – Invest in a high quality powdered greens supplement

6 – Avoid fluoride

7 – Avoid estrogenic chemicals

8 – Avoid heavy metals

9 – Avoid artificial sweeteners

10 – Avoid GMO’s

11 – Educate yourself about vaccinations

12 – Avoid prescription medications when possible

13 – Look into deeper cleansing protocols once or twice yearly

14 – Use probiotic supplements and eat fermented foods on a consistent basis

15 – Use grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish for meat sources

16 – Avoid tilapia and pork

17 – Make sure you eat enough omega-3 fatty acids

18 – Drink enough water everyday

19 – Drink most of your water when waking up and between meals

20 – Check municipal water supplies for purity – filter if needed

21 – BREATHE – Practice deep breathing exercises

22 – Practice a form of relaxed, energy building exercise like tai chi

23 – Meditate

24 – Cook your own food as much as possible

25 – Cook with coconut oil and unrefined sea salt

26 – Lifestyle Habits: Organic clothing – or wash conventional clothing thoroughly before wearing

27 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic hand soaps and hand sanitizer

28 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic shampoos and conditioners

29 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic body washes and body soap

30 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic cosmetics and make up

31 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic fragrances, colognes, and air fresheners

32 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic lotions and sunscreens

33 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic household goods, cleaning supplies, dish & laundry detergents

34- Educate yourself about inflammation and inflammatory foods

35 – Sleep 7-8 hours per night

36 – Get to bed by 10pm

37 – Be aware your sleeping position at night

38 – Go on nature walks/hikes

39 – Ground/Earth yourself often

40 – Avoid plastics as much as possible

41 – Avoid synthetic vitamins and minerals

42 – Avoid pasteurized dairy products

43 – Keep oregano oil or colloidal silver on hand

44 – Keep Apple Cider Vinegar on hand in the house, there is many uses for it.

45 – Balance sodium and potassium intake

46 – Intake enough magnesium

47 – Intake enough Vitamin C

48 – Get enough fiber intake

49 – Experiment with intermittent fasting

50 – Make sure you are going #2 in the bathroom at least once per day

51 – Understand that even “organic candy” is still candy

52 – Move your body daily

53 – Exercise at a higher intensity 3-5 times per week at which recovery allows

54 – Stretch and do mobilizing work often

55 – Be aware of the proportion to which you sit and stand

56 – Exercise your core often

57 – Get unfiltered sunrays on your skin often

58 – Be aware of negative self talk

59 – Journal your thoughts and experiences

60 – Make lists

61 – Get deep tissue massages

62 – Invest in a foam roller or other SMR tools

63 – Avoid Wi-Fi and heavy EMF resonances whenever possible

64 – Ditch your microwave

65 – Get an air filter for your home

66 – Go barefoot often

67 – Shower in well ventilated areas to prevent mold buildup

68 – Take cold showers to re-energize

69 – Avoid exposing yourself to dental mercury fillings

70 – Learn the basics of gardening

71 – Do your own research – don’t take anyone’s word as gospel

72 – Turn off your television more

73 – Support local farmers markets, co-ops and organic food growers and businesses

74 – Deload weeks – physically and mentally

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