The Importance of Posture

Posture is a concept that most people think of being a simple concept, “it’s just the way someone’s body sits!”,

But it’s so much more than that. Our posture is connected to every layer of who we are.

It is everything in regards to the strength and durability of our physical bodies.

Our whole lives up to this point dictate how we hold our bodies, from workout routines, to sports, to desk work, to being overly lazy and sitting too much. Our bodies do a great deal to adapt to the imbalances and misalignment that injury and bad habits lead us to. What will happen is that through constant use, certain muscles may become overly tight, or tonic, and others will become perpetually weak, or phasic.

An example of this may be found in somebody who sits too much from desk work or driving. This act of sitting causes the hip flexor muscle group to be consistently contracted, which will then shorten over time. This shortening could pull our lumbar spine out of alignment, and stress the vertebrae. The gluteus muscles then become phasic, or weakened, and won’t properly activate to stabilize our pelvis and back when we move.

Another example could be an imbalanced weight lifting routine. From the time I’ve seen in a gym, many people overdevelop their chest muscle with excessive pressing exercises. (“Chest day every day!”). This then leads to an imbalance around the shoulder girdle, and injury if this imbalance is not addressed.

These are only two instances of many describing what can lead us to a bad posture, and how aligning yourself will reduce the chance injury and increase the structural integrity of a solid, strong body.

Our physical posture also affects the stress on our mental and emotional states, and our mental/emotional stress will affect it! We are holistic, interconnected beings. Simply looking at a person’s body can give you an silent snapshot as to how that personal is feeling.

When you see someone who isn’t feeling the best about themselves and they’re feeling depressed, how do they hold themselves?

They’ll walk around with awful posture. Their heads will be down, and their shoulders hunched over.

When someone endures mental traumas and depression on a consistent basis, this will develop what is known as neurotic holding patterns. These holding patterns are how internal tensions will manifest in someones physical body.

Many people have holding patterns where they will constantly, subconsciously gnaw and chew on things when they are mentally stressed and overthinking. They don’t even realize it. This will cause plenty of muscular tensions around the jaw and neck musculature.

Our breathing is also limited when we get into these holding patterns. When one walks around with their head down and shoulders slouched, this literally depresses the sternum. It can drop by up to an inch, and the muscles around the neck will become overly tight, not able to contract and expand the rib cage properly as done with deep, diaphragmatic breathing.

Taking short, shallow, labored breaths because of bad posture will, over time, put our bodies into a state of sympathetic overload. Sympathetic overload refers to how our nervous system handles stress, and this is otherwise known as your “fight or flight” response. The sympathetic branch on your nervous system is opposite the parasympathetic nervous system. Stimulating the parasympathetic brand gives you a “rest and digest” response. The yin/yang of stress balance, in simple terms. Stimulating the sympathetic nervous systems breaks the body down, while the parasympathetic recovers the body. They are both needed, but in balance.

Thing is, we are already “sympathetic” enough, mentally stressed out by the million things going on in our daily lives and chemically stressed from the toxic load we typically force our bodies to endure. Deep breathing exercises are a great way to stimulate a recovering, energy enhancing response. These exercises will relax the tension in our holding patterns, and improve our physical and mental postures.

Our posture tells a lot about us. Improving it will involve focusing on not only improve your physical body, but mental complex as well. Reciprocally, we must utilize positive de-stressing techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, and bioenergetic meditations to break loose those tension patterns within our body.

My first eBook, Posturology, delves deeper into posture, and how to improve these “muscle viruses” that we all carry.

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Did Vaccines Actually Reduce Disease?

One of the most common arguments used in favor of vaccines is that they were instrumental in reducing and preventing disease around the planet.

This programming shows itself in many way, including the phrases:

“Do you want your baby to die of something you could have prevented?!”
“Do you want these preventable diseases to make a comeback?!”
“They dont cause disease, they prevent it!”

As George Carlin said, question everything.

Was it really vaccines that caused the decline in infectious disease? Could vaccines not in fact prevent anything, and could these immunizations programs be really promoting a massive rise in auto-immune diseases?

Let’s take a closer look.

One crucial point to note is that the rates for diseases like polio, mumps, and measles had already declined by an average of 98-99% before the vaccines were even introduced. This article by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk on Health Impact News shows the precise graphs of disease decline and the point at which the vaccines for pertussis and measles were made public. The vaccines were conveniently introduced at the tail end of the disease’s reign. It’s interesting to note that a disease like scarlet fever, that had no vaccine made for it, still declined during the same time periods as measles and pertussis.

A better explanation is that the simple practices of sanitation and nutrition were the real reasons that infectious disease rates declined in the mid 1900’s. With the advent if indoor plumbing, people began living in much cleaner, sanitary conditions. They didn’t have to fling their poop out of the window or pee in the alley anymore. Also, advances in both the transit and agricultural systems allowed people to have access to fresher food and a wider variety of food, as well. More sanitary food and a diet balanced with more nutrients created stronger, more well balanced immune systems. It’s far more likely that we can thank our plumbers and farmers of the mid 1900’s for ridding society of disease, rather than the self proclaimed health authorities of the time.

Another refute that is worth noting about vaccines “preventing” disease comes from Dr. Gary Null, who explains in his article Voodoo Science: The Myth of Vaccine Efficacy that the eradication of polio… was never really an eradication. It was simply a name-change. He showed that when the polio vaccine was introduced, it was the corruption of the health agencies who co-opted the polio decline rates. They did the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry, and literally a new disease called “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” when the vaccine was made, so doctors began diagnosing the paralysis instead of polio, artificially lowering the polio numbers. The definition of meningitis also changed at the same time, so more patients began being diagnosed for meningitis instead of polio. Another disease “Guillain-Barré Syndrome” looks awfully like polio, as well. Artificial lowering.

So, what if the disease never went away…or…what if the polio vaccine is actually causing it?

Dr. Null also stated in his article,

“Known as the Cutter Incident, after the vaccine’s manufacturer Cutter Laboratories, within days of vaccination, 40,000 children became infected with polio, 200 with severe paralysis and ten deaths. Shortly thereafter the vaccine was quickly withdrawn from circulation and abandoned. The CDC’s website still promulgates a blatant untruth that the Salk vaccine was a miracle in public health policy. To the contrary, officials at the National Institutes of Health were convinced that the vaccine was contributing to a rise in polio and paralysis cases in the 1950s.”

Unfortunately, this type of collusion is common place in the high levels of corporate and government influence.

Rather than these vaccines preventing anything, it looks like they were never the real reason anything was prevented, but in fact caused the very diseases they were said to protect against!

As if that wasn’t enough, not only can vaccines cause the disease that they claim to protect from, new research coming to light also shows they play a major role in the rise of auto-immune disorders. Natural Society shows information in this article describing animals studies done overseas whereby the adjuvants in the vaccines themselves, especially the adjuvant aluminum, stressed the immune system to a point of auto-immunity.

It should be noted that the natural way our immune systems work  involves the mucosal membranes of the mouths and nose, the digestive system, and the nervous system in a long, cascading process. Modern science is still not fully sure through the mechanisms by which our immune systems work. The process of inoculation is in direct contrast the way that “God”, “Nature”, or “Science”, whatever you call the creative force that governs us, created our immune systems. Basically, it’s just not the way it works. Injecting heavy metals, toxins, DNA matter, and other unknowns into the body hyper-sensitize the immune system, rather than strengthen it.

Balance is key to everything, and vaccines do not work with this balance in any way, shape, or form.

To truly prevent disease, take care of yourself holistically. Eat well, move well, manage physical and mental stress in a balanced fashion.

No outsourcing of our personal, self-responsibility will eradicate disease.

You are the one you have been waiting for to save your health and protect you.

9 Quick and Easy Fat Loss Tips

These tips will not only lead to increased fat burning, but help to prevent and improve many health conditions and lead to a more overall healthy lifestyle.


9 Quick and Easy Fat Loss Tips


  1. Avoid petrochemicals in hygiene products

    Many mainstream brands of hygiene products and cosmetics contain petrochemicals (oil based poisons) known to disrupt hormones in the body. These chemicals fall into a class known as “Xenoestrogens”. Xeno in the Latin language means ‘foreign’, so this quite literally translates to foreign, estrogenic chemicals. Raising estrogen levels of the body will promote the storage of unwanted fat. Toxins are often fat soluble as well, meaning they will store in body fat. Toxic chemicals should be avoided in general when trying to rid body fat, for the body will not want to burn toxic fat tissue, and will look to other sources to burn for energy if the fat is too overloaded. Fat is more of a toxin issue today than a calorie issue.

  2. Avoid sources of fluoride

    Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of heavy industry and is found in many sources through our daily lives. In chemistry class, fluoride is known as a “halogen gas”. Another halogen gas is the element iodine. In nutrition class, we are taught that iodine is required by our thyroid to produce metabolism hormones. Unfortunately, we are seldom taught to connect the dots together within these subjects. If there is fluoride within our bodies, it will displace the iodine in our thyroid and decrease the metabolic hormone levels in our body.
    Common sources of fluoride include:
    – Dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash
    – Pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and antidepressants
    – Gasses emitted from cooking with nonstick cookware
    – Many pesticides and herbicides (choose organic foods!)

  3. Drink enough water

    Water is needed to flush toxins out of the body. Our typical habits of coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol severely dehydrate us. Many feelings of hunger may actually be the body yearning for more water instead of more food. Drinking enough water will decrease appetite, detoxify, and lead to more overall energy.

  1. Eat plenty of dietary fiber

    Fiber is a nutrient that the majority of people in “civilized” society severely lack. The average adult should be shooting for at least 25 grams per day. If we don’t get enough fiber to move everything out of our bowels, the sludge can stay and toxins reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal lining. Fiber is crucial for detoxification. Choosing fibrous will also help you feel fuller longer and satiate appetite.

  1. Eat fermented foods or take a daily probiotic supplement

    The probiotics in our gut make an enormous amount of serotonin. Many researchers have begun calling our digestive system our “second brain”, or more scientifically our enteric nervous system. The boost in serotonin will help increase mood and decrease anxiety, reducing the chances of stress eating and choosing sugary foods simply to make us feel better.

  1. Sleep 7-8 hours per night and get to bed by 10:00

    Quality sleep = increased fat burning. If you don’t have quality sleep, there will be more stress hormones produced within the body. These stress hormones will turn on a fight or flight response where more of the calories eaten will turn to body fat, and the extra stress will lead us to reach for comfort food.

  1. Stop eating 2 hours before bed

    The calories from any food eaten too soon before bed will not have enough time to be burned off by the body before the metabolism will slow during the sleep cycle. Carbohydrate foods will especially have a tendency to store as fat during sleep if eaten too late.

  1. Meditate

    Meditation may sound as if it’s becoming cliché. Do it anyway. Meditation will help to reduce the level off stress hormones in the body. It will also calm down the mental state and produce more feelings of groundedness.

  1. Strength train

    More muscle on the body will require more calories and energy to move. Strength training with weights will lead to more muscle on the body rather than long bouts of cardiovascular exercise. Strength training will also help stimulate the production of human growth hormone and anabolic hormones helpful for burning fat. Make sure you only train enough where you can recover from the exercise, as too much strength training can increase the levels of stress on the body and break the body down if done in excess.

74 Principles for Stronger Living

“Know Thyself”

This ancient aphorism is written on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

“To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom”, said the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit we are not taught about ourselves in our conventional schooling and mainstream culture. Those in the halls of high government and corporate power profit and gain control based off of our ignorance about ourselves. Ignorance about how to feed our body, how to move our body, and how to keep our body and mind healthy.

Some say knowledge is power, but I say knowledge is potential energy. Applying that knowledge is power. It is freedom. Time to power up and free your mind and body.

1 – Eat organic foods – avoid pesticides/herbicides/fungicides

2 – Eat food as fresh as possible – avoid canned foods

3 – Identify your Metabolic Type and adjust your diet accordingly

4 – Focus on micronutrient intake (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) as much as macronutrient (protein, fat, carbs, calories)

5 – Invest in a high quality powdered greens supplement

6 – Avoid fluoride

7 – Avoid estrogenic chemicals

8 – Avoid heavy metals

9 – Avoid artificial sweeteners

10 – Avoid GMO’s

11 – Educate yourself about vaccinations

12 – Avoid prescription medications when possible

13 – Look into deeper cleansing protocols once or twice yearly

14 – Use probiotic supplements and eat fermented foods on a consistent basis

15 – Use grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish for meat sources

16 – Avoid tilapia and pork

17 – Make sure you eat enough omega-3 fatty acids

18 – Drink enough water everyday

19 – Drink most of your water when waking up and between meals

20 – Check municipal water supplies for purity – filter if needed

21 – BREATHE – Practice deep breathing exercises

22 – Practice a form of relaxed, energy building exercise like tai chi

23 – Meditate

24 – Cook your own food as much as possible

25 – Cook with coconut oil and unrefined sea salt

26 – Lifestyle Habits: Organic clothing – or wash conventional clothing thoroughly before wearing

27 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic hand soaps and hand sanitizer

28 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic shampoos and conditioners

29 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic body washes and body soap

30 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic cosmetics and make up

31 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic fragrances, colognes, and air fresheners

32 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic lotions and sunscreens

33 – Lifestyle Habits: Use nontoxic household goods, cleaning supplies, dish & laundry detergents

34- Educate yourself about inflammation and inflammatory foods

35 – Sleep 7-8 hours per night

36 – Get to bed by 10pm

37 – Be aware your sleeping position at night

38 – Go on nature walks/hikes

39 – Ground/Earth yourself often

40 – Avoid plastics as much as possible

41 – Avoid synthetic vitamins and minerals

42 – Avoid pasteurized dairy products

43 – Keep oregano oil or colloidal silver on hand

44 – Keep Apple Cider Vinegar on hand in the house, there is many uses for it.

45 – Balance sodium and potassium intake

46 – Intake enough magnesium

47 – Intake enough Vitamin C

48 – Get enough fiber intake

49 – Experiment with intermittent fasting

50 – Make sure you are going #2 in the bathroom at least once per day

51 – Understand that even “organic candy” is still candy

52 – Move your body daily

53 – Exercise at a higher intensity 3-5 times per week at which recovery allows

54 – Stretch and do mobilizing work often

55 – Be aware of the proportion to which you sit and stand

56 – Exercise your core often

57 – Get unfiltered sunrays on your skin often

58 – Be aware of negative self talk

59 – Journal your thoughts and experiences

60 – Make lists

61 – Get deep tissue massages

62 – Invest in a foam roller or other SMR tools

63 – Avoid Wi-Fi and heavy EMF resonances whenever possible

64 – Ditch your microwave

65 – Get an air filter for your home

66 – Go barefoot often

67 – Shower in well ventilated areas to prevent mold buildup

68 – Take cold showers to re-energize

69 – Avoid exposing yourself to dental mercury fillings

70 – Learn the basics of gardening

71 – Do your own research – don’t take anyone’s word as gospel

72 – Turn off your television more

73 – Support local farmers markets, co-ops and organic food growers and businesses

74 – Deload weeks – physically and mentally

Quick Overview of GMO’s


“Genetically Modified Organism”, or sometimes termed ‘genetically engineered’ or ‘genetically altered’ foods.

These are created in a process by which scientists from large biotechnology corporations will alter the genetic makeup of a plant or an animal for various purposes. Genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. (

Where are these GMO’s found?

Mainly, IN YOUR FOOD. Over 90% of all corn, soy, and cotton grown in America has been genetically engineered. These are the main crops. It is estimated that over 70% of all processed, prepackaged foods sold in the country contain ingredients that have been tampered with. ( Even salmon has now recently been accepted by the FDA as okay to be grown and harvested ( Canola oil and papaya are two other foods that are often genetically altered. Here is a comprehensive list of the foods and ingredients derived from genetically altered plants. (

Why do they genetically engineer the food?

The propaganda is often hard pressed on the public saying that GMO’s are a must to combat overpopulation, and that they are a magic of modern science. Either of these couldn’t be farther from the truth. The main reasons biotech companies engineering food are for profit and control.

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

Companies like Monsanto or Syngenta patent the seeds that have been engineered, and then sell them back to farmers at an exorbitant rate. Biotech firms have also engineered “kill switches” within the genes of the plants so they can only be planted after one season, requiring the farmers to purchase them over and over, year after year. They also are known to sue farmers that accidentally have the plants spread onto their fields from nearby farms by chance of trade winds. Biotech private investigators will trespass onto these farmers fields, find a few plants of the GMO’ed, patented seed, and sue the farmer for “stealing”. The farmer then cannot afford the legal fees, and their farm goes under, to be taken over by said corporations. There is a systemic destruction of the small scale farmer in an effort by large corporations to globalize everything for an easy source of control and income distribution. Not only this, but GMO crops have been shown to have detrimental health effects, so not only do these crops make high profits for the Biotech companies themselves, but the people eating them (remember, 70% of store bought, processed food), will then need to turn to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Complexes to take care of them, generating profits for both of those industries. It’s a sick world we live in. ( (

These GMO foods have been shown to have health effects?!

A fantastic documentary to overviewing this whole issue even more in depth is Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology. Many doctors, scientists, and researchers offer their testimony and perspective of the issue in the 90 minute movie. (

It should be intuitive that altering the genetics of any food that we ingest will them not allow our body to even understand what it is trying to digest and absorb, hereby altering our DNA, although official propaganda states otherwise. The fun part is, the largest Biotech producer of GMO’s, Monsanto, has some of it’s own ex-employees and scientists blowing the whistle on the effects of GMOs on our health, and how they don’t actually make stronger, more versatile crops. (
And then Monsanto will pay people to discredit scientists speaking out about GMOs online (

What exact problems do they cause?

First and foremost, they will cause immune, allergy, and digestive issues. The main two traits they engineer into many crops is A) making the crop resistant to pesticides, especially Monsanto’s pesticide glyphosate, sprayed on it. And B) making the crops secret its own pesticide, in a sense, so if any insect takes a bite out of the plant, it will die. Does pesticide secreting food sound delicious to you? (I hope that’s a no) (

The gene that they insert into the plant that secretes in own pesticides is called Bt Toxin, for Bacillus Thuringiensis. This bacteria kills bugs by splitting the stomach open of the bugs. Now, we are quite larger than a small insect, but over time, bite after bite, year after year (sometimes not even that long), this Bt toxin will cause our gut lining to inflame, and micro-tears to form. These tears in our intestinal tract then allow larger food particles to slip through that have not been properly digested yet, and the body will go into an allergic shock from these particle in the bloodstream. Genetically engineered food is one of the leading causes of all these “random” food allergies appearing over the last couple decades. 80% of the plasma made for you immune system also comes from the probiotics in your gut, so this inflammation and gut deterioration will kill a few birds with one stone, causing these allergies, a lower immune response and digestive dysfunction. ( (

GMOs have also very well been linked to cancer and other organ issues. It’s probably time to make yourself aware of these foods, and avoid at all costs. (

What other effects may GMO’s present?

Not only are we handing over power of our own food to big corporations and annihilating our health in the process of choosing to eat these foods, but the environmental impact is also a scary scenario to be concerned with.

GMO’s were often touted as needing “less pesticides to grow”, but research shows this is not actually the case, and was only a nice marketing term used to sell them onto the public. In fact, these plants are often requiring MORE pesticides and herbicides to grow. (

Using more toxin poisons in our environment, coupled with altering the DNA of plants Nature has never seen before, is working to destroy the ecology of our environment. The microorganisms in our soil are being depleted by these agricultural practices, and ALL plant and animal life is suffering from it.

One of the largest group of animals suffering is, unfortunately, our own livestock. GE soy and corn is an extremely cheap way for these farmers to feed their livestock in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and fatten up their animals before taking their meat. Having them live on this soy and corn will make the animal extremely unhealthy, and have FAR less nutrients to pass along to us in their meats. This also causes them to suffer from many of the same diseases that I listed above for humans. This cancerous DNA the cattle begin to have from the GMO feed will get passed down generation to generation within the animals, much like genetics that alter in humans from poor lifestyle choices get passed down in our generations. The difference is, animals don’t have a choice, we choose for them. Humans make the disease-promoting choices off of their own ignorance. (

Purchasing pure, grass fed animal products in imperative to getting the most out of the food you eat, but it also is important for the compassion of the animal. The animal that grow up eating this corn and soy cannot be living happy, healthy, lives. A happier, healthier animal that is eaten, leads to a happier and healthier you.

How to take action

Above I linked the Genetic Roulette documentary. It is a fantastic resource to learn more in depth about the issue.

Here is also a Non GMO Shopping Guide that would be a great idea to familiarize yourself with to know exactly which foods to avoid and the marketing names used to hide them in our foods.

You vote with your dollar. Everytime you choose not to purchase the food that would put money into large corporations pockets and empower them, you are instead empower yourself and m

Becoming conscious of this issue and avoiding these foods is imperative to becoming a stronger, healthier version of you. Don’t forget to pass along the knowledge to other once you are aware.

Your mind and body, and this planet will thank you for it.

Sugar is a Hell of Drug

The “White Mans Diet”

As world renowned nutritionist Weston A Price found in the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until many indigenous cultures adopted a “white man’s diet” of refined flours, processed sugar, and nutrient deficient factory foods that they began to see massively increasing rates of degenerative diseases.

White sugar acts as a dose-dependent body toxin. The liver is only able to handle about 24 grams of sugar per day. Whatever it cannot metabolize, the liver will turn into fatty acids, stressing out major organs and leading to digestive issues, fungal infections, cognitive problems, and promote cancer. The problem?? The average American intakes over 80 grams per day.

As you can see, refined sugar is one of the reasons we see such a rise in degenerative disease. Also, eating more processed sugars in your diet means that your are then substituting the good, nutritionally dense foods for the void, pointless ones. The more bad, the less good. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

Sugar’s role in diseases

Let’s take a look at some of the main diseases that sugar plays a role in:

Cancer: Sugar leads to a whole host of problems in regards to cancer. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer thrives in acidic conditions, and will die in alkaline environments. More technically, “that tumors prefer to utilize sugar fermentation to produce energy rather than the much more efficient oxygen-based phosphorylation”. Sugar will literally FEED cancer cells. Avoid it.

Fungal/bladder infections, skin fungus: Candida Albicans is a nasty fungus that lives within the body of every human being in various amounts in the digestive tract. The amount of candida you have will be determined by how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself to far more sugar than you should, candida will thrive, for it feeds off of sugar. If candida is overgrowing in your body, it could play a major stress on your immune system, your mood, and your energy. Bladder and yeast infections are caused in major part by this candida, and skin fungus and rashes are too. Cut the sugar out, kill the candida, less skin rashes and yeast infections. (although, be aware of an uncomfortable die off effect at first)

Mood and cognitive dysfunction: As stated above, candida in a nasty internal fungus. If you have too much, it will also work to kill most of the good bacteria in your gut. The thing is, that goodbacteria in your gut produces most of the feel good hormone Serotonin in your body. More sugar = less probiotics = less feel good hormones. It’s all connected. (that’s why it’s call holistic healthcare). Not only this, but the mere fact of eating refined sugars sets off the same addictive pleasure centers in your brain as hardcore drugs do. Almost 1000 genes in our brain are harmed by excessive sugar consumption. Be smart, drop the sugar. Drop the sugar, be smarter.

Sugar is a hell of a drug. You could say it’s the most widely used anti-anxiety medication there is, most people just don’t look at it that way. Becoming conscious of how you are using food is crucial to realizing and admitting how healthy your choices are. Is that food actually benefiting you? Or is it only serving the pleasure-based, instantly gratifying parts of you, only serving to harm you in the long run?

What is that soda actually doing for you? The candy? That cereal? How is white bread even serving you? It may make you happy for a minute or two while you chew it, but I can tell you from experience I am a hell of a lot more happy when I feel good and my body functions right, rather than being tired, drained, and sick.

Drop the White Mans Diet of white, refined sugars, breads, cereals, and grains. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

A few website sources:

The Problem With “Eating In Moderation”

Anything is okay, just make sure you do it “in moderation”.
It won’t harm you as long as you do it “in moderation”.
Everything “in moderation”.

Frankly, I can’t stand this term.

The famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde said “Everything in moderation, including moderation”.

I think it’s about time we get rid of this phrase from our rules about health.

“Everything in moderation” sounds nice. It sounds like a sensible, simple term to help people remember to eat a balanced diet, but in reality, it is a term that is often used simply to justify self sabotaging behavior and avoid looking at the reality of the choices one is making. It is vague, it is extremely cliché, and I find many problems with the loaded phrase.

First, some people I find that abide by the moderation rule do, in fact, do everything in moderation. But their problem is, everything they do is an addictive, damaging behavior. They may moderate the ice cream, but they will also moderate the soda, the beer, the TV watching, the fast food, the laziness, the caffeine, ..the..the.. you get my point. It may have been a week since you ate a doughnut, so you feel like you are “moderating”, but you need to be aware of the rest of your habits. Your body is built from your habits. Not just one, but all of them.

And, moderation means different things to many different people. Moderation of carbs to me may mean that I can afford an extra banana or two a day because my metabolism can afford it, while moderating carbs to someone else may mean they need to eat far less. Just saying “moderation” gives us a simple excuse to go ahead with our choices without really thinking critically about them or about who we are and what we need.

So rather than thinking of “everything in moderation” when trying to give yourself a pass to cheat a little bit on your diet or with whatever little addictions you may be trying to justify, just think of whether or not the choice you are making in an intelligent one. Thinking whether something is an “intelligent choice” or a “wise decision” is far superior to simply thinking “moderation” because it actually gets us to examine the why’s about what we are doing. Rather than just appeasing to your desires, you are thinking of your choices in regards to your goals and objectives with yourself.

Can I have these cookies if it’s “in moderation”? Well, sure. It’ll only be a couple…

Now, are these cookies really a wise or intelligent choice? Well, not I gotta really think. I actually had a couple cookies yesterday, too. And I haven’t really eaten anything for breakfast yet. Plus Ireally want to drop a couple pounds for swimsuit season. Nah, not this time. I’ll go find something better.

See the difference?

Always strive for wiser choices to make you the strongest and most conscious version of yourself you can be.

The Flouride Effect

“Good for your teeth!”
“Good for strong bones!”
“Makes your smile whiter!”

Unfortunately, fluoride is a lie we’ve all been sold, and sold well. It is one of those red pills we will have to collectively wake up to as a society.
Hopefully, you already have.
If not, I’m here to help you with along with your awakening journey.

What actually is fluoride?

Fluoride is really a toxic byproduct of many heavy industries, and has been a waste product since the 40’s and 50’s when bomb and aluminum industries exploded onto the scene. To protect companies from liability and the high cost of disposing this waste, the heavy industry companies buddied up with their media and education companies (remember, the same few folks and families have a hand in everything! More on that in future posts) to promote it onto the public. Nowadays, the fertilizer/ phosphate industry has also jumped on board, so $$ billions of dollars per year gets saved by lying about this chemical.

They found fluoride ions happened to be absorbed into tooth enamel, so the propaganda heavily relied on “healthy teeth and bones” and it’s selling point. It has been pushed into all kinds of dental products, added to public water supplies, and even pushed by unaware doctors as a supplement.Sodium fluoride, hydrofluorisilicic acid, and sodium fluorosilicate are a few of the chemicals disposed of and used on us. Oh, they’re used in insecticides and rat poisons, too.

What exactly does it do?
Fluoride harms multiple systems and organs in the body. It is has been linked to lower male testosterone levels and screws with fertility. It messed with our kidneys, and other hormones in our endocrine system. Ironically, it will actually cause what’s known as fluorosis, where it molts and pits our teeth and bones. It will replace calcium ions in our skeletal system over time. But, two areas in which it’s really bad for us, it with our thyroids and brains.

For our thyroid, fluoride will replace the minerals our thyroid needs to produce our hormones for metabolism and growth. If you look on the periodic table, there is a column to the right where you’ll find the elements fluoride, iodine, bromine, and chlorine. Iodine is that mineral/element that our thyroid needs. The thing is, if your body has any of the other halogen gasses in it other than iodine, it will fight iodine for absorption. Thus, whenever you brush your teeth or drink fluoridated water, you are directly affecting your own metabolism and promoting hypothyroidism. I am telling you these hard truths because I care about you, and want you to make the changes today to better your future.

Another way fluoride jacks us up is with our brains, in multiple ways, too. First, fluoride will calcify around a very important gland in our brains called the pineal gland. This gland emits a molecule called DMT, which is a whole other topic I will save for later, but it’s otherwise known as ‘The Spirit Molecule‘ because it is found to be directly correlated with human consciousness. Amazing stuff. Secondly, fluoride loves aluminum, and this is a very bad love for us humans. Aluminum ions and fluoride ions are highly reactive together, and create aluminum fluoride (who’da thunk?). Fluoride will enhance the bioavailability of neurotoxic aluminum across our blood brain barrier and cause our brain to lose structure in the neo-cortex and hippocampus, these parts of the brians are responsbily for short term memory loss, unsteady gait, and sensory loss. Think: Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s, and other brain dysfunction. Avoiding fluoride (and aluminum) is one of the best thing’s you can do for your brain and body.

What sources do we get it from?

Now we know what it really is, and what it does to us, so how about where it comes from? Well, I’ll bullet point the list of what I’m aware of:
Municipal water sources (check with your local supplier)
Toothpaste and dental products (check your Crest or Colgate, notice that “call the poison control center” tag if you swallow it? Fluoride-free toothpastes won’t have that)
Some popular pesticides on our food (One is known as Cryolite, another reason to go organic!)
Teflon and nonstick cookware (these release fluoride gases when heated enough. One popular fluoride gas are known as CFC’s, you know, the gases that were banned for putting holes in our ozone layer?)
Some anti-depressants and anti-biotics (Prozac is on example. It’s not that it called makes you feel better, but moreso, just apathetic with the calcification of brain structures. I’ve seen people face light up when taken off these mind altering prescription meds)

And there are others..

What can we do to avoid it?

Taking a look at your dental products would be the first step in avoiding good ol’ fashioned fluoride. Toothpaste, teeth whitener, and mouthwash can all be switched to fluroide-free option. Investing in a water filter for your home can also be used if your local water supplies are tainted.Reverse osmosis filters work great, and I’m sure there are others that will do the trick, too. Just do some diligent research, this is something concerning your health and your future we are talking about. Switching from Telfon and nonstick to ceramic pots and pans makes a big different. Oddly enough, ceramic is usually easier to clean that the nonstick stuff. Pretty inexpensive, too. Buying organic is crucial to avoid this chemical exposure, among other reasons.

So there you have it, Fluoride 101. Learning this topic is one step of many we can do to reclaim the health of our bodies and minds. These are basics that everyone will come to learn sooner or later, so I hope you are walking away from reading this with confirming what you already knew or adding information to the perspective you are forming of the Real World. If this is all brand new for you, don’t worry! Painful truths are always better then well dressed lied. Learning new truths will always require change, often time making you step out of your comfort zone. The fluoride topic is one that gets many people out of that comfort zone, and they begin to question other belief systems within their lives and head toward the light of truth.

Stay tuned for more!