Posturology: The Basics To Correcting Muscular Imbalances by [Sather, Jordan]

Conscious Strength eBook Collection

I created this series to give you what I believe a thorough, holistic understanding in how to keep your body truly healthy.

It is divided into two sections, Physical and Physiological Strength, with two eBooks describing each section. 4 books total.

The two books that encompass Physical Strength are Posturology, and Movement Therapy. These discuss how to align and move your physical body with respect to two variables: space and time. Posturology describes your static posture, how our sedentary lifestyles are throwing us out of alignment, and how to correct these imbalances that occur. Movement Therapy will factor in time, making motion. It will show how to build exercise programs around strength training with use of primal pattern movements, building a strong, functional body.

The Physiological Strength section delves into how to keep the organs and systems of your body running smoothly and efficiently, and it does this with the metaphor that your body is a machine. The Practical Nutrition Guide will show the right kind of fuels to use and which to avoid when fueling that machine. Purity, Detoxification, and Stress will discuss keeping the machine clean. How to avoid toxic buildup in your body from the multitude of chemicals we encounter in our modern world, and managing stress with mindfulness and practices of self love, rather than self sabotage.

All of these eBooks will draw upon the research of many prominent names in the health and medicine field. Dr. Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, Paul Chek, Weston A. Price, Dr. Vladimir Janda, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. Sayer Ji, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and many others scientists and researchers.

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Physical Strength:

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Movement Therapy (est. release.: March ’17)


Physiological Strength:

Practical Nutrition Guide (releasing over the next few weeks)

Purity, Detoxification, and Stress (est. release.: Feb ’17)