Health and Personal Development Coaching Services

I offer my time to educate you about your health both in person (for clients around the Kitsap/Pierce County areas) and online (for clients…anywhere).

With this coaching, my goal is to help you navigate the confusion of how to properly eat, move, be healthy, and understand what’s going on with our world.

My experience draws upon over 10 years in the health food, supplement, and fitness industry and countless hours of training and self study.

How does it work?

Well, it’s easy. If you live around my area and are interested in face to face coaching, simply contact me through my website, email, or Facebook page, and we will work out the details. You’ll get a response from me within a couple hours.

Potential clients for my online coaching, check out the descriptions below. Contact me with your requests and questions.

Payments online are taken via Paypal.

If you’d like to talk about an issue specific to you, consultations by skype or by phone are $50 for 1 hour or $30 for 30 minutes.

In Person Consulting

For clients around the Kitsap County and surrounding areas I offer face to face coaching. This coaching is either done at your place of residence, or by meet-up at public shops.

The program I design for you all depends on your goals and the challenges you are facing. Regardless of what we focus on, my coaching will utilize a holistic mindset, seeing every layer of who you are and how we can best maximize your potential in that area to overcome your challenges.

The pricing is roughly the same as online coaching, but may be a bit higher due to travel time.

Contact me to get started or get any questions answered.

Online Consulting

With online coaching, it’s much easier thank you may think.

To begin, first contact me so we can discuss our plan of action. You will need to download either Skype, Viber, or Zoom to complete the video conferencing.

I will then email you some documents, and be expecting your payment. Payments taken for online services via Paypal.

Once I receive the document I need back and your payment, and you have added me on one of the programs listed above, we will begin the coaching process!

Free 10 minute video consultation offered if you’d to meet face to face before purchasing a service. Message for more details

Comprehensive Mind/Body Evaluation

Full physical assessment of your posture, movement, nutrition, and lifestyle habits with a written report and a video conference session to discuss findings.


– My reviews of specific evaluations that I will send you. These evaluations involve a comprehensive written questionnaire, food journal, and other photo/video assessments I will instruct you with.

– Written report of findings and recommendations to improve your health

– 1 hour video conference (on Skype/Viber/Zoom/Facetime) to discuss this report

Price: $97

Basic: Exercise and Diet Coaching

Prerequisite: Comprehensive Evaluation

Once assessment is completed, I offer continual coaching to help with your personal transformations.

With this, I will construct exercise programs and nutrition plans for you. I will give you the full education necessary for you to understand how your body operates.

– Two 45 minute video conferences per month (Skype/Viber/Zoom/Facetime)
– Continual support via email (12 hour response time)
– Creation of a progressive exercise and functional stretching program with video demonstration
– Diet and nutrition planning based on your metabolic type and biochemical individuality

Price: $157 per month

Advanced: Full Holistic Health Coaching

Prerequisite: Comprehensive Evaluation


– Everything from the Basic Exercise and Nutrition section
– All associated eBooks and learning material
– Included coaching on personal development, life management, and other essential self-knowledge
– More in depth analysis of your mind/body/spirit complex
– Continual email support (12 hour response time)
– One 60 minute Skype/Zoom or phone call session per week

Price: $357 per month